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Inmate Mail

It is the policy of the Jessamine County Detention Center to ensure the ability of an inmate to communicate with persons outside the facility, except where such restrictions are clearly necessary to the maintenance of the order and security of the facility. All mail can be addressed to the Jessamine County Detention Center 229 East Maple Street Nicholasville KY 40356, to the attention of the inmate you wish to correspond with.

Outgoing and internal Mail
Any inmate may correspond with anyone as long as such correspondence does not violate any state or federal law except that caution shall be taken to protect the inmate's rights in accordance with court decisions regarding correspondence.

Indigent Inmates
If an inmate without funds wishes to send mail, the Canteen Supervisor or Canteen Officer who receives the request for postage and writings materials from the inmate will: Supply the inmate with two (2) envelopes, two (2) sheets of paper, two (2) postage stamps and a pencil, which may be replenished no more than one per week per inmate.

Letters addressed to inmates, except those from attorneys, the court or other public officials, shall be opened and inspected by a detention officer for contraband and materials or information that threatens the security of the facility. Letters from attorneys, the court, or other public officials shall be opened by the detention officer in the inmate's presence during the routine mail delivery. Letters from attorneys, courts or other public officials shall not be read by detention officers.

Printed Religious Materials
Soft cover only and shall be inspected for contraband and subject to approval by the designated authority. (See Censorship Guidelines.)

If a letter, parcel, or other incoming mail is discovered to contain contraband, the inmate will be verbally informed that items of contraband were found. All instances where contraband is found will be investigated and the individual responsible for mailing the items will be prosecuted.

If any incoming mail is undeliverable (e.g., the inmate to whom addressed is no longer in custody.), the officer will attach an explanatory note to the mail and return to sender.

Court Decisions
The Jailer shall ensure that inmates' rights in accordance with court decisions regarding correspondence be protected.

Guidelines for Prohibited Material
The following shall not be allowed in the inmate's possession or in the living quarters and shall be confiscated as prohibited materials.

  1. Photographs or explicit drawings of nude persons whose sexual organs are fully exposed, gang symbols or gang related actions or tattoo tracings or any of the above.
  2. Illustrations and/or text which show or describe the manufacture or fabrication of weapons such as guns, bombs, incendiary devices: or the construction of picks or devices to open locks, or diagrams of locks and security devices including handcuffs, leg irons etc. Also included are writing or instructions for defeating telephone or internet security, and credit card or wire fraud.
  3. Other items which can categorically be expected to encourage violent or disruptive behavior by the particular inmate or among the inmates generally, or would encourage or facilitate criminal acts. This includes coded text.

Note- A review committee consisting of the Jailer, a member of the public and a lawyer shall approve/disapprove all questionable materials.

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